Microsoft Access Text Driver - Omit extensions from table names?

Dear Community,

I am using Microsoft Access ACEODBC driver v. 16.00.16827.20014 on Windows 11
and connection string:
'Driver={Microsoft Access Text Driver (*.txt, *.csv)};DBQ=path\to\tmp_dir;Extensions="asc,csv,tab,txt";'
with various CSV files in the temporary directory. From the users point of view, the basename of each file is imporant for querying, but the extension used is not.

Regardless of whether I have table or a.csv, I would liike to be able to query: SELECT * FROM a;

I have tried omitting the Extensions and renaming the files such that extensions were dropped, but the Text Driver no longer finds the files. I have looked at Microsoft's Text Driver documentation online, and it is sparse and not evident whether or not this can be done. Is there a way to acocmplish this with this driver?

Thank you,

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