Connect to Access file on Dropbox

I've got an application in Visual Studio, that uses an Access database and I want to be able to save the database file on Dropbox.

How do I get the connection string for an access database file located on Dropbox?

1 answer

It doesn't work that way.

DropBox and its cousins are repositories of files (just drag and drop, or hit the upload button), but they cannot be used as a WAN with a live Access db up there in the cloud being accessed by your app in read/write fashion.

To use an Access app over the internet works only in a very limited set of circumstances:

  • By building a VPN tunnel to the server with the db. The server then becomes part of your network.
  • By running a Remote Desktop program. You are then running a session on the server.

So the answer is "No, it is not possible".