Webservice oledbconnection does not work in IIS

Could you help me?
I made a small webservice in c#, there is an oledb connection. The webservice is operate from developer tools perfectly, but in the IIS only appear, and the connection does not work.
I have windows 7, 64 bit, Place of Database:C:/map/map.mdb, my connection string is in the webconfig, : I thing I have set every rights on map, and IIS....
In the virtual directory I set same directory as visual studio, same file operate differently...

Thank you George

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Update your question with some more info please!

The connection string. The error message.

Is both server and devsystem 64-bit OS?

Thank you for your answer,
Connection string:

error message from iis:
System.NullReferenceException: Az objektumhivatkozás nincs beállítva semmilyen objektumpéldányra.
a következő helyen: Biz.Bal.getAsztalszam(String asz) hely: d:\Gyurma\C#\AdatbElereseWebservice\App_Code\Biz\Bal.cs, sor: 23
a következő helyen: Service.getAsztalszam(String asz) hely: d:\Gyurma\C#\AdatbElereseWebservice\App_Code\Service.cs, sor: 23
(an object reference is not set...)(not find the database.)

message from developer tools:

(operate perfectly)

server and devsystem is on the same machine....

Nullreference exception doesnt say much.. Please paste the code where error happens!

Bal.cs 23 line:

public static Model.Rendeles getAsztalszam(string asz)
        Model.Rendeles rend = Data.Dal.getAsztalszam(asz);
        rend.asztalszam = rend.asztalszam; (23. line)
        return rend;

service.cs 23 line:

    public Model.Rendeles getAsztalszam(string asz)
        return Biz.Bal.getAsztalszam(asz); (23. line)



method have obviously returned null. That's why you get the error.

I can't follow the logic from this little piece of code (and I don't know your language) so can not elaborate more on what's happening but since the method is on the DAL component you are probably loading something based on a key (string asz) and nothing was found... Are you sure using the same data in IIS that in DEVENV. (The same mdb/Accdb file).

Or maybe some error handling suppressing and returning null inside Data.Dal.getAsztalszam(asz) method.

Paste source for Data.Dal.getAsztalszam(asz) please, if you're not finding a solution out of the above.

The solution was: %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd set config -section:applicationPools -applicationPoolDefaults.enable32BitAppOnWin64:true