Connecting to remote mdb file located on web server from windows 7

I'm trying to create a simple app that has a search field that looks for records in a database. Once a record is found, it can be clicked on which populates a template with info to print a certificate. I was trying to do this online using asp, however printing from a web browser has its problems. And is unreliable.

The database file is located on a webserver, being used for other things as well, via classic ASP 3.0

So I've used my web host control panel to create an ODBC DSN for the mdb file that resides on the web server.

And I'm trying to connect to it using "microsoft sql server management studio express 2005" However when I try to connect to the remote DSN I keep getting errors that say can't connect, not found.

here's a similar screen shot of the login screen.

In the long run, I need to find a way to connect to the mdb file that is located on a asp enabled webserver. Provide the user with a simple search box, a search results page, and a template that can be populated with data, and printed reliably.

I think this can be done with Microsoft Word, using mail merge, I think I'd prefer to do it with OpenOffice writer, as its a free app. But first things first.

My first step is to make a connection to the database, and that is something I am unable to do at the moment, perhaps I'm using the wrong options fromt he web server, or i'm using the WRONG connecton string, as I'm guessing I have to use something like or something.

Suggestions and comments welcome.

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You can't connect to an Access mdb file via DSN using management studio. It's for SQL Server only.

Thanks for your response Richard.
I had a feeling I was using the wrong method.

Is it even possible to allow remote access to an mdb file located on web server with "MS Windows Server 2003 and IIS version 5"

Perhaps sql server on the hosting companys webserver can be setup to act as a middle man between me and the file in some way ?

I have tried talking to the online chat support at the hosting company, however its not easy to convey my exact needs as English is not their first language.

Probably not.

But the only ones who can answer that is the support guys at your hosting company.

But why don't you build your ASP pages to support what you need? Or do you have to connect using some certain program?