Access 2010: Link to DBF via VBA / ADO


I have been linking programmatically to DBF files for 15+ years in different Access versions (currently 2010) OK.
The client outputs the DBF files via R:BASE . . . previously DOS version, now upgraded to a Windows version.

I can link to the "new" DBF tables "manually" via LinkedTableManager OK (dBase III) in Access.
The "old" tables show DOS field names: ALL CAPS, truncated to 8 chars.
The "new" tables show Windows field names: extended length, mixed case, etc.

I programmatically build the connection string the same way as always, including:
tblADOX.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Datasource") = strPath
tblADOX.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Provider String") = "Dbase III"
and it throws off err.number = -2147467259 upon
catADOX.Tables.Append tblADOX

This is obviously VBA code. I have set the references to the most recent Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (6.1 Library) I can find, but still get the same error.
I also now understand that ACE has replaced JET but a straight substitution of "ACE" for "Jet" bombs immediately (err.number = 3265) and that is all I know.

Thanks in advance!

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