gds32.dll load issue using MS Access ADODB connection

Hi, I am having a problem connecting MS Access and firebird. Access and Firebird are all 32-bit, running on Windows 7 64 bit.
When running the process to collect the firebird data an error is received "[ODBC Firebird Driver]Unable to connect to data source library: library 'gds32.dll' failed to load"
If I create a linked table to the firebird db or open a previously linked table the error disappears and all connections are fine.
I want to use ADODB as I want to use the free firebird ODBC driver and not the paid for ADO.Net provider. I also do not want linked tables to reduce the chance of a rogue user accessing the raw data.

I have placed gsd32.dll in both the firebird directory and the windows/system32 directory as some web sites advised, no difference.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix?


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