Failed in accessing Ms Access2003 password protected database within visual basic 6


The following is the extract written in the module . The access always failed when i tried to access ms access password protected database from within the visual basic 6. Displaying Datareport also get failed.
because of this, I have been stuck off for the last many months.
So, Pl. help me by giving the steps to be done . for this, thanking you in advance.

Public con As Connection
Public Sub Connection()
Set con = New Connection
mypath = App.Path
mypath = mypath & IIf(Right(mypath, 1) = "", "", "")
With con
.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Database password=apple;Data Source=" & mypath & "employee.mdb"
End With
End Sub

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Substitute "Database Password"
"Jet OLEDB:Database Password"

That should do it. If still not working, please post error message.